Meet the photographer

Charley Van Amburg

Hi, I'm Charley! Before I was a photographer, I was a hotel sales manager. I have my bachelor's degree in event and meeting management. I'm that crazy type A lady who gets joy out of planning and making lists. Yes, I have made a list of lists I need to make. No shame! I loved the hospitality industry and incorporate everything I learned over the years into my own business. It is extremely important to me to provide insanely good customer service.

I have a husband and a puppy. I may be slightly obsessed with both of them. I say that I love them both so much it makes my heart hurt. My husband says that is too cheesy and I shouldn't say that. But....whatever. (I'm extra). We are homebodies who love exploring and traveling together.

What makes me different from every other photographer out there? Customer service! My heart loves customer service. I will pour my heart and soul into growing a relationship with you, capturing your natural love through gorgeous images, and giving you an experience that goes above and beyond your expectations. My hope is that our relationship will go beyond your wedding day and I can help celebrate all the joys in life as you grow your family together.