Here's some inspiration for what the heck to do with all these gorgeous photos!

  • Create a photo book
  • If you did your session for yourself, write a letter to your future self
  • If you did your session for your significant other, write a love letter to them and add to the front page
  • Get a metal or canvas print you love and hang it in your closet, bedroom, or bathroom
  • Do smaller prints of your photos and give your significant one every day or every week. Instead of letting them have them all at once, let them anticipate what the next photo is going to look like, keeping you on their mind. Save your favorites for last!
  • Giving your book as a wedding gift? The night of your wedding, you are going to be absolutely exhausted...I am not kidding. Save your photo book for the first night of your honeymoon. Let him look through it while you get ready in the know what comes next!
  • Does your husband love to read? Create a custom boudoir book mark for him
  • Want to motivate yourself? Create a year wall or desk calendar all with your boudoir pictures!